The Board of Directors is the ultimate decision maker in Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC). It has to ensure that the organization is operated competently and in accordance with directions set by the Board. It serves in a trustee role on behalf of the community. It is comprised of 10 directors. The majority of the Board shall be community members.

Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC) Board of Directors recognizes that its key responsibility is leadership for the Centre. The governance model must take into account changing conditions and must consider changes in legislation, political change, the feedback from community engagement, understanding board/staff roles, efficient meeting process, and the role of committees and working groups.

Role of the Board

The job of the Board is to lead the Centre toward the achievement of its goals. The Board’s contributions are unique to its trusteeship role and necessary for proper governance and Board self-management.

Consequently, the Board shall provide:

  • The link between the health centre and its community;
  • Written governing policies which, at the broadest levels, address: strategic directions, governance processes, executive limitations, and Board-Executive Director relationship;
  • Leadership in advocating for change to enhance well-being, health, and social justice;
  • Maintenance of a current membership list for the BCCHC.


BCCHC 2017-2018 Board Members:

Danae Peart - Chair

Emile Wickham - Vice-Chair

Dawn E. Smith - Secretary

Jerico Espinas - Treasurer

Elaine Ewers-Baptiste

Crissa Guglietti 

Jennifer Hall

Nicola Holness 

Beryl Pilkington