What is Quality Improvement?

Quality improvement is a process of achieving and maintaining quality in all aspects of the work of Black Creek Community Health Centre. We at BCCHC want to ensure a high standard of patient/client and provider experience, care effectiveness and value in what we do.

How is BCCHC working on Quality Improvement?

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requires that all Community Health Centres have a Quality Improvement Committee and a Quality Improvement plan. This is exactly what BCCHC has done. We have established our committee and have a work plan in place which we are implementing and monitoring.

To view Black Creek Community Health Centre’s Quality Improvement Plan Narrative, Click here: Quality Improvement Plan Narrative 2018-19


Black Creek Community Health Centre's-Quality Dimensions 2018-2019


Given the complex needs of the clients that BCCHC serves, access to primary care is crucial in both promoting both a healthy community and helping to ensure an efficient and effective use of health care services. We will continue to adjust and monitor our service delivery model, including piloting Same Day Appointments and reviewing the use of Urgent Appointment in order to reduce barriers to accessing primary care. Our continued partnership with our local hospital in Quality Improvement measures has led to better systems of reporting and communication about ER visits by our clients. And an ongoing commitment to monitor and analyze this data will inform the implementation of Change Ideas throughout the year.


BCCHC, as the lead agency in the North York West Health Link, continues to work with Humber River Hospital to develop better processes for sharing information, especially for community members with complex needs.  The collection and sharing of information about frequent hospital admissions and ensuring good continuity of care once discharge back to the primary care provider will be crucial in identifying and supporting potential Health Link clients. 


Understanding, respecting and enhancing the Client Experience is a vital component of a successful Quality Improvement Plan. This year, we will continue to invest in measuring the Client Experience throughout the year, focusing on specific aspects of this dimension in order to measure the impact of our Change Ideas. There will be many opportunities to engage with providers and community residents as our Strategic Plan is implemented, and our Health Links continues to be developed to learn about the experiences of our clients with our services and we will use this feedback to continue to inform our model of care.

Population Health:

Preventative care is both an outcome and a driver of our Health Promotion model. As a Community Health Centre, we have a rich opportunity to utilize the skills and experience of our Health Promotion teams. Research has indicated that barriers exist in communities with respect to seeking out and receiving various cancer screenings, diabetes risk screenings. We will continue to explore ways of understanding and reducing these barriers and engage community in helping to increase preventative care practices.


Health Equity allows people the opportunity to reach their full health potential and receive high-quality care that is fair and appropriate to them and their needs, no matter where they live, what they have or who they are. We will continue to gather and analyze data about our Clients' sense of community belonging, social contacts and determinants of health indicators. We will ensure that uninsured Clients have equitable access to key preventive screenings and immunization procedures, including cervical, breast and colorectal screening, diabetes risk screening. We will look at how to best identify and support clients living with Food Insecurity who face barriers to accessing healty and affordable food. 

How can you be involved in Quality Improvement?

There are several ways you can be involved with Quality Improvement!

  • Filling out the Client Experience Survey

  • Being a member of the Quality Improvement Committee

  • Talking to us about changes that can improve your experience at BCCHC

  • Calling to cancel your medical appointment when you are not coming

Please call the Quality Improvement Committee at 416 249 8000 if you are interested in participating or have questions.


For more information about Quality Improvement, please visit Health Quality Ontario: http://www.hqontario.ca/