The Diabetes Education Program’s goal is to help people living with diabetes self-manage their condition, reduce their risk of developing complications and maintain a healthy quality of life.  We provide individual counseling and group education to adults living with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Our interprofessional team consists of:

  • Community Health Worker
  • Diabetes Nurse Educators
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registered Kinesiologist-Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Registered Social Worker

We utilize an interdisciplinary model of care, working in a collaborative practice to help clients manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

Who we serve:

  • Adults diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes   
  • Adults diagnosed with Pre-diabetes (also called Impaired Glucose Tolerance or Impaired Fasting Glucose)

How we can help:

  • Monthly Group Diabetes Education Classes at Yorkgate and Sheridan Individual Diabetes Counseling Appointments
  • Stress Management and Mental Health Counselling services
  • Chiropody (Foot Care) Services
  • Health promotion workshops (e.g., nutrition, blood glucose testing, foot care, starting insulin, exercise, etc.)
  • Referral to appropriate community resources

Friends and family members are welcome to attend appointments and classes.

Diabetes Community Health Promotion:

Utilizing a health promotion and community development approach, we work in partnership with community agencies and residents in order to raise awareness of the importance of managing diabetes. We provide workshops, health displays and community discussions at various locations and times within the neighbourhood.  

For more information, or to request a workshop or display, please call 416-246-2388

Referrals and Appointments:

We accept self-referrals, and referrals from physicians, and other health providers.

For more information, to book an appointment or register for a class, please call 416-246-2388

Diabetes Prevention Peer Leadership Project