When a referral is needed

Our clinical services and health and wellness programs support individuals and families at every stage of life. For some of our services, such as those that are part of People Accessing Care Teams (PACT), you will first need a referral from a primary care physician or nurse practitioner.

For services that require a referral, ask your doctor or nurse to complete our referral form.

You may self-refer for most of our services if you live in our service area.  If you live closer to another CHC, we will provide you with their contact information.  If you are registered with a primary care provider at our centre, you can automatically be referred to any service offered. If you are a patient of a doctor in the community, you can be referred to the services offered through our PACT program.

No matter which service you are interested in, contact us by phone, email or in-person to get started.

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