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Community residents play an important role in community health centres. If you live and/or work in the catchment area of Black Creek Community Health Centre, you are eligible to become a member of Black Creek Community Health Centre.

What you can do as a member

  • you can be elected to the Board of Directors
  • you can cast your vote on issues that are presented at the Annual General Meeting
  • you can serve on our committees

There are four types of membership:

are voting members in the Corporation, who reside or work in the geographic catchment area of the Corporation as defined by these By-laws, with the exception of individuals employed by the Corporation.

are non-voting members. This class of non-voting membership applies to individuals residing and working outside the geographic catchment area of the Corporation as defined in these By-laws, as well as to organizations both within and outside of the defined catchment area.

who shall be non-voting members, who shall be employed by the Corporation.

are organizations or agencies both within and outside our service area.

How to become a member

Individuals and organizations must submit an application for membership thirty (30) days prior to the annual general meeting, before becoming entitled to vote.

Full Members pay $ 3.00 per year
Associate Members pay $ 10.00 per year
Employee Members do not pay

Membership Form available here

Please note:
You do not have to be a member to receive any of our services or to participate in our programs.

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