Client Complaint Policy

  1. A client has a right to complain about the care they have experienced, or any other concern they may have with the Centre or its programs and services, including issues related to privacy.  A complaint may be made in person, by phone or in writing by a client.
  2. The responsibility for handling complaints or allegations shall rest with the Manager.  If not resolved at that level, it shall go to the E.D. and/or the Board of Directors.
  3. Informal resolution of difficulties should be sought between the staff member and the complainant whenever possible before the formal procedures are put into place.
  4. The resolution of the complaint should be timely so as not to delay appropriate action for the complaint or cause undue stress for the client or staff member.
  5. Uncorroborated complaints by a third party, not by the complainant themselves will be discouraged.
  6. All complaints will be acknowledged within 48 hours and a response will be communicated to the complainant within 10 working days.

Phone or In Person Complaint:

  1. If a complaint is received by a client regarding another staff member, the staff receiving the complaint should encourage the complainant to speak directly with the staff or their Manager.
  2. If the client does not wish to speak directly to the staff, or not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion, the complaint should be directed to the E.D. who will then become involved.
  3. The complaint will be documented by the staff receiving the complaint.  If the issue is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, the E.D. at their discretion may involve the President of the Board of Directors.
  4. Following a thorough review of the complaint, a conclusion will be reached which will be communicated to the complainant.  The E.D. will be responsible for contact and follow-up with the complainant.

Complaints by Letter:

  1. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the BCCHC staff person and they will be asked to contact their Manager with comments within 5 working days.
  2. The Manager informs the complainant of the response of the staff member or Manager.  If the issues are not resolved, the E.D. will apply Step 5 of the Phone or In-Person Complaint Procedure.

Complaints Regarding the Executive Director:

  1. The Board of Directors through its Executive Committee is responsible for complainants involving the Executive Director.
  2. For complaints concern the actions of the Executive Director, the complainant may make their complaint to the President of the Board who, in their discretion, may refer the complaint to the Executive Committee for review. The Board will endeavor to provide a written response to the complainant within a reasonable period of time.

 Reporting to Board of Directors:

The Executive Director shall report serious complaints that may put the organization at risk immediately to the President of the Board of Directors.  A summary report of complains and outcomes is provided to the Board of Directors annually.

Developed:  June 2001
Reviewed:  April 2005, August 2007, April 2011, April 2014, June 2015
Approved:   October 2007, August 2008, June 2011, June 2015, March 2019

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