Research Application

We are committed to research geared at generating knowledge, community capacity and advocacy for overcoming health disparities and improving health outcomes. We promote community-based participatory research as a way to empower residents to become agents of change in their own communities.

Our Approach to Research

Black Creek Community Health Centre’s Research Policy and Protocols focus more on what could be referred to as “moral imperatives,” than on the mechanics of research. Moral imperatives focus on ethics and would include such things as:

  • Respect for human dignity
  • Respect for vulnerable persons
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality including data maintenance, storage, release of information, use of names or codes, destruction of data at the conclusion of the research.
  • Balancing harms and benefits
  • Respect for free and informed consent

These and other related moral imperatives serve as the foundation from which our Centre’s research endeavours will proceed.

Process for Approval of Research Projects

The approval of research projects will be guided by the following priorities:

  • To focus on client-centred research with an emphasis on the determinants of health
  • To assess the Centre’s success in delivering programs and services as a community health centre.
  • To contribute to the body of knowledge relevant to the philosophy and goals of community health centres.
  • To focus on projects that contribute to the enhancement of clinical knowledge and effective treatment modalities.

Are you interested in working with Black Creek Community Health Centre on a Research Study?

Research Projects will be reviewed by our Research Advisory Committee, made up of staff members, local researchers, community members and a Board Director.

Final approval for all research projects will be at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Application Process:

  1. Contact Michelle Westin, Senior Analyst – Planning, Quality and Risk to discuss your idea.
    Telephone: 416-249-8000 x 2236
  2. Review our Research Policy to ensure your project is consistent with our research priorities and approach.
  3. Complete Appendix 1 (pages 8-14)of the Research Policy with details about your project.
  4. Include the following supporting documents:
  • Certificate of Research and Ethics Approval from a Research Ethics Review Board
  • Copy of Consent Form
  • Examples of flyers, and other promotional material
  • Examples of survey, interview, or focus group questions
  1. Send your application and accompanying materials to
  2. Applications will be reviewed on a bi-monthly basis.

Acknowledgement:  Portions of Black Creek Community Health Centre’s Research Policy and Protocols document have been adapted, with kind permission, from Access Alliance Multicultural and Health Services’ “Research Policies and Protocols”( 2012).

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