Exercise Education Program

Our Exercise Education Program is a fun way to learn exercise and and increase your daily physical activity. The exercise sessions are supervised and guided by Registered Kinesiologists who focus on teaching safety and proper technique. The program is free and available to anyone of varying abilities and experience.

One-on-One appointments and Group Classes are available.

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Exercise Classes

Exercise classes are group sessions where an instructor guides all participants through an entire exercise routine that includes a warm-up, resistance training, cardio, cool down and stretching.

Different levels of exercise intensity offered and we can help you modify your exercise based on your experience and abilities.

Gentle Fit: Participants are led through physical movements performed mostly in seated positions. Includes range of motion, bodyweight and/or dumbbell (or alternative weights) exercises. Low impact. Low-mod intensity.

General Class: Participants are led through various physical movements mostly in standing positions. Includes cardio, stretching and strengthening exercises using body weight and/or dumbbells (or alternative weights). Low- mod impact. Mod intensity.

Learn how to join our Exercise Classes here.

We’re on YouTube! Check out a preview our a Gentle Fitness Exercise Class preview below:

Appointments are available remotely or in-person
1. Book an individual registration appointment by calling us at 416-246-2388
2. Attend a follow up fitness assessment.
3. Join a remote exercise group OR book an individual kinesiology appointment.

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